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Project U has been designed to be a starting point for people who would like to create long term healthy changes, that are easy to stick to, and still enjoy being social.

It’s a step by step guide on understanding how to eat better, types of foods and how it effects your body and growth, setting realistic goals and monitoring them and overall understanding your body better and building an unbreakable mind set to be fitter and healthier.

During the program you will:

  • Gain the knowledge to make informed choices and have a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing any of your favourite foods.

  • Get fitter with a 12 week progressive workout program without the need of a gym or expensive equipment (a custom program can be created for you if you wish)

  • Become better at making decisions to become fitter and healthier now and keep it going

  • Increase your self-confidence and feel better about yourself


 Every step of the way I will be encouraging you to get the most you can from the program including weekly check ins and feedback.

Delicious Recipes
Daily lessons

I am that confident that you will become more confident and fitter than you have before by following this program.

On completion of the program and seeing the results of your hard work there will be a bonus of £100 back to you so you can treat yourself.


All you need to do is follow and participate in the program and you will see results. It really is that simple.


All you need to do to get started is click on the button below and sign up

Why not take a look at Hannah's story and what she achieved on Project U

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*To receive a refund on services rendered by Chris Ward Personal Training where it has been detailed the client MUST have completed, followed, and recorded ALL of the required elements of the program and coaching by Chris Ward Personal Training and have achieved results, be that weight loss, strength or general improvement in health and fitness or body composition. The measures will be detailed and logged within the software used.


For the clarity of any doubt, where a client has not followed advice/coaching given and/or not completed elements of tracking and not participated in the program NO refund will be issued.

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