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Face to Face Personal training

Face to face personal training gives you the control and accountability you require to reach your health and fitness with the hands-on guidance from me in a fitness setting suited to you.


With a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different types of fitness goals including fat loss and muscle building, we will work together and implement action to get you fitter and healthier. 


Starting off with an informal consultation where we will discuss your requirements and what you hope to achieve when you start personal training, we will put in an action plan from this point. Following this you will then have personal 121 sessions tailored to you as well as a bespoke workout program and nutrition guidance that is designed to target the goals you want to achieve now and beyond. 


This isn’t just about right now, this is about giving you full knowledge and control forever to make healthy informed choices.

I am also offering single 121 sessions to check form and offer advice on exercise choice. Please get in touch for more information.


To get started please follow the “apply here” button

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