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PROJECT U has been designed around achieving changes to your body in a sustainable way, and educating you about what is required, both fitness and nutrition to develop an amazing healthy body and mindset.

This program is aimed at people who have:

  • Tried short term intensive diets in the past but haven't been sustainable

  • Bought in to juices/supplements which gave short term results

  • Having to plan in diets for special events due to unsustainable results.

  • Had fluctuating weight loss/gain.

  • Individuals starting out in their health and fitness journey and not knowing where to start.

  • or simply confused by the mountain of different information available.

Project U will take you through different stages to understand why you are doing certain things with your nutrition, why they are important and how they effect your body. You will have a workout plan to complete a few days per week which progresses as the program does to make it challenging but fun.

You will finish this program more knowledgeable to continue and achieve long term sustainable change, no more yo-yo diets. You will be able to make informed decisions without sacrificing your favourite foods, build confidence in yourself and be more positive.

Delicious Recipes
Daily lessons

With the 12 you program you get

  • 12 weeks of education on all things nutrition to create better healthier habits, eat better and understand the benefits of different foods on your body, all without cutting out foods, including healthy recipes.

  • A progressive workout program that advances as you do

  • Your very own app to log and record as you complete sections and workouts making it simple to keep up

  • Support via a special closed facebook group, as well as weekly feedback on your progress from me.

Try this program FREE for 14 days. Simply sign up and if its not for you, simply contact me for a full refund within the first 14 days

I am that confident you will get the results you want I'm even offering 100% money back guarantee if you don't see results!*

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*To receive a refund on services rendered by Chris Ward Personal Training where it has been detailed the client MUST have completed, followed, and recorded ALL of the required elements of the program and coaching by Chris Ward Personal Training and have not achieved ANY results, be that weight loss, strength or general improvement in health and fitness or body composition. The measures will be detailed and logged within the software used.


For the clarity of any doubt, where a client has not followed all advice/coaching given and/or completed ALL elements of tracking and participation in the program NO refund will be issued.

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